Pretty in Pink!

I’ve added a couple of new prints to my Etsy shop, and today the theme is PINK! 

This piece is #2 in my Celtic Knot series (#1 is here). This particular knot consists of several entwined hearts, so I felt it was a good choice to represent love! The background is watercolor in pinks and purples, with touches of blue and orange for interest. The knot itself is outlined in red, with matching red dots. 


This piece is #1 in my Inspirational series: Life is Sweet! Again, the background is colored in pink watercolors, with the words “Life is Sweet” over it in deep magenta. What better way to remind yourself of the joy that we have available to us here on Earth? There will be more inspirational artworks like this in the future! 🙂


This next one is an older piece, but one I really love! (Notice that I’m currently using it as my blog header image) This time the watercolor background is deep red in each corner, fading to pink before meeting a diagonal splash of purple in the middle. Two mandala designs are drawn in each corner in fuchsia art pen. I hope to do more of this style of art, with a drawing over top a painted background;  I love the look, and it’s fun to do. 🙂




My Esty shop: KarenLeslieArt

My twitter: @KarenLeslieArt 

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